Mascarpone cream, Italian recipe for Christmas

Crema al mascarpone per panettone e pandoro

Mascarpone is a very and tasty cream cheese and it’s one of the most luscious cheese you can eat, alone or paired with other ingredients! A good way to use it is making a proper italian mascarpone cream filling which can be used as filling in tiramis├╣, a Christmas cake or served as a dessert by itself with cookies or fruits.

Mascarpone has a fat content of up to 75% so make sure not to abuse of it; if you cannot find any mascarpone cheese in your area, use the cottage cheese or the clotted cream to get more or less the same result.

Mascarpone cream: ingredients for 6 servings
3 eggs
6 tbsp of sugar di zucchero
500g of mascarpone cheese

Mascarpone cream: recipe
1. Beat the egg whites until stiff;
2. Add the sugar and the yolks;
3. Stir in the mascarpone cheese and beat until creamy;
4. Use the cream to fill your cakes or as a individual dessert for dinner parties.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Mascarpone cream video recipe

How to make a perfect mascarpone cream

1. The eggs have to be fresh and cold otherwise the whites won’t become stiff;
2. You can add a pinch of bicarbonate or a dash of white wine vinegar to the egg whites to make sure that they will will become stiff;
3. By adding brandy, whiskey cream or vanilla you will get a very tasty cream;
4. Do not over beat the cream otherwise it will warm too much losing consistency.

christmas recipe

[Pic by Giuseppe]


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